• Cryptomix 2.0

    Earn up to 8% per month.

    A highly efficient and highly diversified cryptomix of master nodes,
    staking and addition of interesting altcoins to minimize risk.

Participate in the boom of crypto currencies.

Crypto currencies have made an incredible success story in recent years.

Plan-C Privilege invests for you in a selection of the strongest forms of investment.



Privilege offers you these benefits:

Optimum security

The optimum diversification into different coins and investment forms ensures maximum security.

Contract term

Your Privilege contract term is unlimited. Money invested cannot be redeemed until 12 months at the earliest. Privilege has a right of first refusal.


You will receive a monthly payout of up to 8% after your setup time directly to your wallet. Surpluses are saved to ensure consistently lucrative distributions.

About crypto currencies and Privilege

Wouldn't it be nice if you owned not only gold or silver, but an entire gold or silver mine? By investing in Privilege, you are directly involved in the production of crypto currencies, among other things.

  • Privilege operates innovative master node concepts.
  • Privilege allows you to take advantage of the high purchasing power.
  • Plan-C has a very good reputation in the industry and is therefore contacted by many providers in the first place (Early Bird).

Looking for the ideal investment?

You receive up to 8% directly to your wallet every month. If the returns develop particularly well, you will receive additional bonus payments.

You want to earn money with privilege?

If you are satisfied with your earnings, recommend us. As a thank-you you will receive 7% commission plus 3% of the earnings of your recommendations.

How Privilege works

Registering and earning money with Privilege is easy and straightforward.


Simply complete our registration form below and enter your referrer.

Pay invoice

You will receive an invoice from us in Bitcoin. If you don't have Bitcoins yet, ask your referrer how to buy Bitcoins.

Earn money

You don't have to do anything else. You will automatically receive the payout to your Bitcoin Wallet every month.

Register with Privilege

Simply complete this form to register with Privilege. Registration is 100% safe.